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We have analyzed way a lot of noise-cancelling cans –including each significant version and several from hardly known manufacturers –to record here. Here we have placed comments about a few of the very notable competitions; if you are interested in a version we have not listed, drop us a note in the remarks section, and we are going to post the info when we’ve got it. Just because those are not our best recommendations does not necessarily indicate they are all undesirable choices –in reality, several are favorites straightened out because of changing tastes. To make the list easier to navigate, we have divided it in headphones and earbuds.

More than – on-ear cans

AKG N700NC: All these noise-cancelling headphones sounded excellent, with a reply according to the”Harman curve” derived from comprehensive study. But, their rigid earpads made them uneasy, and they are fairly bulky.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC700BT: The group suffered from middling ANC, both unintuitive and finicky controllers, twisted highs, and lows which were blurred and lacking refinement. Moreover, this set made a dip in the midrange which made everything seem as though it were within a box.

B&O Beoplay H8: All these especially good-sounding headphones provided great noise cancelling within our evaluations, but we picked the sound and relaxation of this NAD Viso HP70.

B&O Beoplay H9: This collection is pricey, and testimonials found it bothersome to use, together with feeble sound cancelling.

Beats Studio3: Though these cans stay hot, on our ears (and those of a number of other reviewers), they seem too bassy and boomy, along with their sound cancelling is simply ordinary.

Beyerdynamic Fireplace ANC: These cans seem appealing, their sound cancellation is adequate, and their noise is of the caliber which you may anticipate from Beyerdynamic. On the other hand, the $400 cost in the time of the inspection turned minor defects into larger problems. In our evaluations, the headband was too large for smaller brain sizes, we discovered a shortage of vocal opinions during forecasts, along with the noise, while commendable from this box, was a little bloated at the lows and inducing high end detail. Beyerdynamic provides a hearing-test-based EQ system which corrects the noise for you, but we are reluctant to advocate hearing reimbursement out of a physician’s advice. All these are great headphones at a really competitive class. Brent’s inspection for Soundstage Solo agrees.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II: This couple’s sound cancelling positions among the finest available. In addition to this, it seemed good in our tests, it is tremendously comfy, and it rolls up to some super-slim travel situation. A committed button includes Google Assistant or even Amazon Alexa, permitting you to ask questions or send and listen for messages. The drawbacks: The competitive noise cancelling generates eardrum suck, and a feeling that lots of individuals find uncomfortable, and also this set eliminates the 11-step ANC modification of this Bose 700.

Bowers & Wilkins PX: This really exact pricey model had moderate sound cancelling (a typical decrease of 12.1 dB from the plane variety ) and unnatural noise.

Bowers & Wilkins PX5: Nice to examine, disagreeable to wear. Our panel decided that the headband was overly tight. The bass has been unfocused, along with the highs needed a cool caliber on consonants and cymbal strikes.

Bowers & Wilkins PX7We simply didn’t like using this pricey pair. The headband had a embarrassing, pinching match even on smaller skulls. The boomy bass details from the bass through the male vocal selection.

Cleer Flow IIWe have nothing too negative to say about the Flow II. The noise cancellation is centre of the street but powerful enough to decrease air-conditioner hum or plane sound. We discovered this pair did not create enough bass, along with the earcups might be a little big for all those who have bigger heads. Should you enjoy a brighter audio profile and favor less extreme ANC, this place is recommendable.

Edifier W860NB: The bass with this particular set was forwards and fuzzy, hammering male vocals on stone and hip, along with the active sound cancellation was not as powerful as on our selections.

EPOS Adapt 660: This set is a cooperation involving EPOS (a gambling and office cans firm ) and Sennheiser. The 660 pairs together with cellular devices and features a USB Bluetooth transmitter to be used with computers. This set is not something we would urge strictly for audio listening–that the sound quality has a little too much energy at the high-frequency scope for our tastes. On the other hand, the mic sound quality is quite clear, and we’re amazed with how nicely these decrease background noise, thus we’ve passed them along to our staff covering workplace cans to understand how they stack up from our existing picks because manual.

House of Marley Exodus ANC: The set appeared to get a fair quantity of noise cancellation, however together with all the ANC triggered, the bass were rather boomy. After we switched the ANC away, the notes had significantly less reverb, but high seems like consonants and strings obtained an icy, metallic border. It is a shame, because we love the sustainable substances Marley uses in its own layouts.

JLab Studio ANC: Though the sound cancellation with this set is not superlative, it will reduce enough sound to be somewhat helpful in a plane. The controls are a breeze to use, and also the battery life is adequate at 28 hours using ANC on. In our evaluations, the audio quality was nice: It was somewhat about the bass-heavy side although not objectionable. That which we do not love is the earcups do not swivel, hence the pads may sit somewhat awkwardly onto the ears, along with the pair does not have any hear-through choice for conversations. Having said that, should you will need an on-ear layout to become comfortable and need a funding alternative, these cans may be a fantastic fit for you.

Marshall Mid A.N.C.We loved the noise of those compact on-ear cans, and their sound cancelling was fine, but they do not fold to some travel-friendly configuration.

Marshall Monitor II A.N.C.: The sound cancellation on this headset set was comparable to that which we obtained out of the Jabra Elite 85h, averaging about 14.1 dB, and it will be a handy number but not the very best we have seen in our evaluations. Even though the design design is fine, the brute force was a bit much for uson Lauren’s smaller noggin, the Monitor II A.N.C. became uncomfortable to wear after about 15 minutes. The touch Marshall audio was on the other hand; Brent loved itour additional panelists needed a smidgen more detail at the large end. The hear-through mode muted the noise, therefore using it to get discussions was challenging.

Master & Dynamic MW65: In case you do not mind paying a greater cost, the MW65 is also an adequate option. The dilemma is that the layout is the sole manner where these cans are superlative. Even the ANC was middling, we saw them somewhat thick to use, they did not seal outside sounds out overly well, along with the noise, although very nice, was somewhat unnaturally encouraged from the highs and lows. If these cans were not $500, we can overlook all those worries, but at the price tag, we need something nearer to perfection.

Panasonic RB-M700B: This set provides haptic bass reaction which causes one to feel that the bass through small vibrations. It is fun, however, the sound cancelling is not extremely powerful. In addition to the headband is constructed from metal which contrasts, so each single time you bump it pause your songs, you will notice it ringing like a tuning fork.

Puro PuroProWe love the PuroPro provides volume restricting like what you receive with all the corporation’s kids cans, that will make certain you don’t push your loudness into ranges which are dangerous to the hearing health. The noise cancelling is light but practical, and the audio quality is good, but maybe not the ideal. There’s a shortage of crispness into the frequencies which makes cymbals seem unnatural, along with a increase in the upper mids which produces female voices sound as they have a tiny cold. Not one of them are horrible defects, however, it had been sufficient to maintain this set from being a choice.

Puro PuroQuiet: This set is the sole noise-cancelling solution for children that we’re mindful of. The well-built PuroQuiet collection sounds fantastic, provides volume restricting inside more powerful loudness ranges, and offers effective sound cancelling, but in addition, it is a lot more costly than every other children headphones we’ve examined. If you wish to read about those cans in contrast with different choices for children, take a look at our children headset manual.

Razer OpusWe enjoyed the feel and fit of the set of cans, but the sound cancellation was light, and the audio quality has dipped lower mids and twisted highs which muffles bass and put in an unnatural sizzly caliber to trap hits and consonants.

Sennheiser HD 4.50BTNCWe have below-average sound cancelling out of this group. These cans possess the Sennheiser noise, so making a spiky summit in the high-highs which was abnormal, which included a nasally facet to female voices. We enjoyed these cans nicely , but additional choices sounded somewhat better or provided better sound cancellation for the exact same cost.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless: Also called softly because the Momentum 3, that this set is another iteration of this Sennheiser Momentum/HD1 lineup. This newest version is still an improvement, but sadly not enough of a change to keep competitiveness with the rising quantity of new alternatives. The total design is still the same, together with enhanced cushioning around the headband. The audio quality also has not altered: During our tests, it generated rolled-off high bloated and frequencies, improved bass, and that which seemed two-dimensional and slightly dull compared with the noise from different headphones at the $400 price range. The program has an EQ feature, however, the port is so amorphous it is almost useless. Even though the ANC is effective, it is much less strong or flexible as about the Bose 700. The automobile play/pause and on/off attributes are fine, along with the pellets were apparent in our telephone calls, but complete these cans do not meet their own $400 price tag.

Sennheiser HD 450BT: Regrettably, we weren’t impressed with the total amount of airplane sound this headset set managed to decrease, and our board found that the audio quality to become boring and helpless from the highs and tizzy at the highs. Basslines moved together, and cymbals and strings seemed unnatural. We attempted to utilize Sennheiser’s program to correct the noise using EQ, however also the program’s alterations were too wide to be helpful for everybody who’s seeking to tweak the audio in particular areas.

Sennheiser PXC 550-II: This set provides moderate sound cancellation, and a lightweight construct. However, our board was not thrilled with all the unevenly fostered bass, which induced acoustic guitar to seem like it was miked within the guitar body as opposed to outdoors, nor did we value the piercing increase from the consonant selection.

Shure Aonic 50: Though the appearance of the headphones is lavish, we’re disappointed to discover that the audio quality did not live until the build quality. The sound had a dampened, high heeled caliber which lacked the sparkle and detail at the extremities and the crispness from the decay and attack of this bass which we would need in $400 cans. The Shure program allows for EQ tweaks, however you need to play audio via the program to find the advantage (which is not useful if you flow your paths ). Along with also the carrying case is completely massive, therefore it is not perfect when your freight room is at a premium.

Skullcandy Crusher ANC: Though the busy noise cancelling this is powerful, Skullcandy attempted to jam a lot of features into this particular pair, and also the sum of the components is a real experience–rough highs, too boomy bass (even using all the hearing-based pruning or haptics switched down), along with an audible hiss once the place is powered .

Skullcandy Venue: All these cans had fine sound cancelling, but their sound was so thin and design.

Sol Republic Soundtrack Pro: The build quality with this headset set is quite fine, with a solid-feeling chassis and satisfyingly squishy earpad foam. ) The sound cancellation takes off the edge plane sound but is not the best we have encountered in our evaluations. Our panelists discovered that the sound had a muted quality, together with male vocals sounding slightly shining in the combination, particularly with the ANC triggered.

Sony H.ear On two WH-H900N: This collection was our previous best pick but was moving in and out of stock at most retailers. In our evaluations, the WH-H900N countered noise efficiently without making the eardrum suck we have experienced with much more competitive noise-cancelling headset. These headphones seemed natural and balanced, and they have been more comfortable to wear for hours, and it is important whether you are trapped on a long trip or in a noisy workplace. Even the 25-hour battery life ensures that you get plenty of usage between charges. But when consumed, they are somewhat lighter compared to the Bose 700. If you are able to get this set in stock, we think that it’s an superb option.

Sony WH-1000XM3: The WH-1000XM3 includes a great blend of sound cancelling, relaxation, and also travel-friendliness. In our evaluations, we quantified the maximum quantity of noise cancelling to get over-ear cans with this particular pair, with a mean decrease of 23.1 dB. However you have to fix them via a program for these to generate decent sound, and the signature controls could be inadvertently triggered by cold weather.

TaoTronics SoundSurge 55 (TT-BH055): All these cans possess a cheap, plasticky construct, lackluster ANC, along with boomy bass with lispy highs which buried both female and male vocals.

TaoTronics SoundSurge 60 (TT-BH060): This set squeezed our minds like a vise. The audio quality was muted, also, along with the ANC was not very powerful.

TaoTronics SoundSurge 85 (TT-BH085): All these cans provided effective ANC, however, our sample had a very pungent spoiled-glue odor and a fuzzy audio quality comparable to that of a speaker on a cushion. Spend a couple bucks more and make our funding selection instead.

Tribit Quiet Plus: Even the cushioned earpads crinkle, the ANC eliminates the bass in addition to the sound out, and the earcups do not swivel, so it is tricky to make them sit flush against your head.

Tribit Quiet Plus 72: This set is cheap, and the noise cancellation is quite powerful. The audio quality is not objectionable, however it is not balanced, but with somewhat bloated highs and shushing highs. This may be forgivable because of its price tag, but also the build quality is likewise lacking. The headband is overly long and set the ear cups too low on the majority of the panel faces, along with the hinges snap loudly and disconcertingly once you fold and unfold the cans. In addition, the mic picks up a great deal of background sound on forecasts.

X from Kygo Xenon: Total this set of cans is adequate, with sound cancellation that’s powerful enough to be helpful, a cozy fit, and controllers which are easy to use. Together with the ANC off, in our evaluations this set had a solid excellent reminiscent of the first Beats cans: The bass had been forwards and a bit boomy, and the general sound was entertaining but not so natural. But when we switched the ANC on, the bass turned into a little more blurry. If you are a lover of the DJ or enjoy the minimum appearance, these cans are okay.


Amazon’s Echo Buds will attract individuals who mostly rely upon the Amazon ecosystem. When they are connected to a mobile, the Echo Buds’ always-listening Alexa work produces them an Echo apparatus it’s possible to use –but unlike any other Alexa-enabled devices we have tested in years past that the Buds avoid replicating voice orders whenever you are close to other Echo apparatus. They are also strong earbuds: Their size makes them comfortable to use, their audio quality is great, their controllers are simple to use, and their cost is fair. It’s possible to use each bud individually, and audio pauses automatically once you eliminate the earbud(so ). They receive a commendable five hours of battery life when fully charged, and the situation offers an extra 15 hours of playback. The drawbacks are that you have to leave the Alexa program open in your telephone for Alexa to work, as well as the earbuds lack bodily quantity controllers. Even the Bose noise reduction reduces the very low hum of an air conditioner or airplane, however it is not as strong as the sound cancellation you receive together with all the Bose 700 headphones to the maximum setting. (We would say it is roughly half as powerful, which may be great news for people that have a tendency toward eardrum suck)

Apple AirPods Guru: These earbuds signify a significant step around the fundamental AirPods in both audio quality and flexibility. But lately we have heard reports from viewers a good number of individuals are undergoing rattling in both earbuds. Regardless of what we’ve noticed, Apple is reacting to such problems with instantaneous replacements, but it is still a bummer. (We contacted Apple but haven’t got an answer. But, Apple failed to include this information for AirPods Professional owners undergoing static and these strategies for resolving ANC issues to its service pages) Even though the AirPods Guru earbuds are great for Apple lovers, they might not be well worth the cost for everybody else. We discovered that the active sound cancellation was adequate, with a mean of 8 dB at reduction, but this outcome is not as excellent as the less-expensive 1More Authentic Wireless ANC’s typical decrease of 18.2 dB, along with the AirPods Guru might lead to”eardrum suck” for a number of people. Using a battery life of four and a half an hour, they will not continue through a cross-country excursion or a complete workday with no charging fracture. Furthermore, they do not utilize a cable, which means that you can not use them together with in-flight amusement which needs a cord. While we enjoy that Apple did away with the tap-based controllers, the stem controllers are fiddly (we frequently played paused when we needed to bypass paths ) and lack quantity controls. In the long run, we do not dislike the AirPods Guru; we like using different earbuds somewhat better.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC33iS: This wired version is a former funding choice; it is great, however, also the wireless TaoTronics TT-BH042 normally costs less and can be similar in functionality.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC40BT: Though this Bluetooth version performed fairly well in our tests, we’d fit issues, plus it includes too many bad proprietor testimonials.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC300TW: This wireless set does a good job of reducing sound. However, regardless of the addition of four dimensions of silicone hints and a single set of Comply hints, the bigger earbud chassis form and a scarcity of stabilizing wings can make it even more challenging for those who have miniature ears to have a fantastic fit. The buttons are simple to use for volume and track control, however we could not suss out how to trigger an electronic helper and noticed no mention of this from the guide. In terms of audio quality, the bass and also spiked treble created drums seem unnatural, like the effect and resonant facets were disconnected. In addition to this, for most artists that are sensitive, consonants can become fatiguing over more listening sessions. Not one of those deficiencies create the ATH-ANC300TW a poor match, however given the first asking price of $230, we did not believe the functionality matched the premium price.

Aukey EP-N5: This set comprised tips which were hard to fit in bigger ear canals. For people who attained a seal, then the sound cancellation was light but did decrease several lower-pitched rumbling noises like air conditioners. The audio quality is fine, with bass and a luxury border that is not objectionable. The controls lack quantity adjustment, and it can be really a bummer, but the largest hurdle is the mic quality is quite compacted and lacking clarity.

Aukey EP-X1: The sound cancelling was nominal, the bass had been bloated, along with the highs needed a rough, tizzy characteristic that included hiss to all.

Aukey Key collection EP-N33: This set of earbuds had especially mild sound cancelling, the audio controls were hard to use by sense, along with the noise setting choices created either reverby bass or fostered treble that created grand-piano keys seem as though they were snapping when gloomy.

Aukey Key collection T18NC: The most active sound cancellation with this AirPods-looking set was mostly ineffective, as well as the controllers lacked alternatives for track and volume inverse. Plus, we discovered the situation to be somewhat big. Even though the sound was adequate, with just marginally boomy bass and marginally shushing highs, it wasn’t great enough for people to create these earbuds a choice.

Ausounds AU-Flex ANC: In case you enjoy a brighter audio profile, then your AU-Flex earbuds are a excellent introductory attempt out of a newer firm. They are ideal for luxury audio lovers searching for a more suitable commuter layout. However, the ANC was just moderate in our evaluations, and we would prefer a bit more bass base. Brent, in his critique SoundStage Solo, arrived to the exact same conclusion.

Ausounds AU-Stream HybridWe adored the miniature charging instance, which could fit in a panties crucial pocket. For our board, the earbuds were comfy but on the bigger side, therefore individuals with smaller ears will probably need to appear elsewhere. The tap-based controls may become annoying if you need to use them regularly. The audio quality was by no way objectionable, however, also the highs had a shushing caliber, along with snares, strings, along with cymbal strikes sounded somewhat unnatural. The hear-through mode appeared to get a mass limiter, therefore abrupt sounds led to the loudness to dive. This appears to be a fantastic idea–unless you have to get a dialogue with a person and a vehicle passes by every couple of seconds. These earbuds remain adequate, but they do not really get to the amount of our selections.

B&O Beoplay E4: The E4 provides solid sound cancelling, however, the noise is subpar.

Bose QuietComfort 20: Available at an Apple-friendly or Android-friendly edition, this wired set provides the some of the very best noise cancelling headphones we’ve quantified from virtually any in-ear headphones (with no creating the eardrum suck that you may encounter with the over-ear QuietComfort 35 Series II). These cans are terrific for frequent flyers that mostly utilize in-flight amusement and apparatus with headset. On the other hand, the QC20 does not seem quite as great as our additional earbud selections, nor does this have wireless capabilities, which means you would need a port for cellular devices lacking a headset jack.

Bose QuietControl 30: This neckband-style cushioned wireless set provides strong sound cancelling (without a eardrum suck) and a very long battery lifetime –and great audio quality, also. But it is expensive and much less comfortable or flexible as our selections: The wireless-only layout keeps it from linking to in-flight amusement methods, and you don’t have any choice to utilize it wired while the battery runs down.

Cleer Ally Plus: This set has strong active sound cancellation (marginally superior than that of this 1More Authentic Wireless although not as excellent as that of those Bose NC 700) along with also an impressive 10-hour battery lifetime but in our tests the layout and match made these earbuds more difficult to maintain set up for both bigger and smaller ear canals. The audio quality was just adequate –somewhat bloated at the bass, using a marginally lispy factor to consonants. The Ally Plus additionally lacks controls. If you’d like an actual wireless set for extended flights and you also discover that many earbuds match you readily, the Ally Plus will likely get the job done for you. But people with trickier-to-fit ears might want to check at other alternatives.

Edifier TWS NB ANC: The situation with this set of authentic wireless earbuds is particularly huge, which is not always a dealbreaker by itself. In addition to this, nevertheless, the audio quality and the sound cancellation were faulty. Bass notes appeared fuzzy round the edges (picture ink which is becoming wet), which invisibly man vocals. Along with the highs have been improved at a spiked manner that created piano seem as though the strings were still clicking. Furthermore, the sound cancellation was effective to get a group of frequencies but not around the lower end of plane noise.

House of Marley Redemption ANC: Though we applaud Marley’s dedication to utilizing more renewable materials, the Redemption ANC authentic wireless earbuds were missing in different places. The tap-based controls need an embarrassing quantity of power to trigger, and they react . Furthermore, in our tests the busy sound economy was quite minimal, and the general audio quality was muted.

JLab Epic ExecutiveWe have fairly good noise cancelling out of this collection, but the noise was somewhat too soft to our preference, and the mic sounded quiet and muted over telephone calls.

Koss QZ Buds: Though the sound cancelling was great, turning it brought down the midsize too much to our taste.

Panasonic RZ-S500W: All these authentic wireless sound cancellers are effective at reducing background sound, and we enjoyed they came together with five pairs of suggestions in a variety of sizes to find a fantastic fit. On the other hand, the controllers are not the most instinctive, and the extremities have a twisted response which renders large frequencies sounding equally arctic and shushing in precisely the exact same moment. Though this collection paired with our telephones readily, we experienced over the typical stutters from the link.

Phiaton BT 100 NC: This collar-style Bluetooth version is a former funding choice. We like it, however we greatly like the elastic collar of the high earbuds select from 1More.

Plantronics BackBeat Move 410: All these wireless earbuds hit a fantastic balance between comfort, comfort, functionality, and value. We discovered the elastic collar linking the 2 earbuds to be comfortable than rival designs, as well as the oblong ear suggestions made it simple for all of us to find a fantastic fit and a wonderful seal. In our evaluations, this set appeared great, given a helpful quantity of noise cancelling, also functioned in wired style –but just together with the ANC off, that creates this pair less attractive compared to 1More Double Driver BT ANC Professional.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: All these unsealed earbuds with active sound cancelling are made for use with Samsung mobiles. They have gotten mixed reviews in areas like Engadget and Cnet, that assert the noise is largely great, but the sound cancellation is not very powerful and the match may be tricky to smaller ears. Therefore, we do not suggest these for individuals who demand great sound reduction.

Sennheiser Momentum Authentic Wireless two: These earbuds include the signature Sennheiser noise, making somewhat fostered bass with much more extreme and slightly sibilant highs which (over)highlight consonants. The controllers handle all you anticipate for conventional Bluetooth earbuds; even though they are not immediately intuitive, they are simple enough to use with a practice. Nonetheless, these earbuds are not worth the additional price if you’re searching for active sound cancellation as the main attribute, since the decrease is light at best.

Skullcandy Method ANC: The most active sound cancellation with this set is really gentle, along with the added tips are not big enough to match the ear canals of people who generally wear many manufacturers’ large or extra large suggestions.

Sol Republic Amps Air +: Larger ear canals will fight to find these big earbuds to remain in place. The sound cancellation was moderate in our evaluations, and we discovered the tap-based controls were more prone to miscommunication, phoning the electronic helper once we intended songs playback. Although the audio quality was not awful, it was not stellar enough to compensate for the pair of additional flaws.

Sony WF-1000X: All these authentic wireless earbuds offered hardly any sound cancelling.

Sony WF-1000XM3: The audio quality with this group was rather great, but that is where our compliments ends. We discovered that the pieces big and fatiguing to use, and also the active sound cancellation was barely powerful. The controllers are restricted, also, and this place is not even just a tiny water resistant–that is an issue if a lot of those costly true wireless earbuds drops from your ear and right into a puddle.

Sony WI-1000X: All these collar-style earbudsheadphones are pricey, nevertheless they provide subpar sound cancelling.

TCL ELIT200NC: The sound cancellation was unsuccessful, and the wires which attach the earbuds into the neckband bent annoyingly to our faces. The audio quality was not poor, but with this much competition, these earbuds neglected to make the cut.

Technics EAH-AZ70W: The defects with this set of authentic wireless earbuds are rather minor. The bigger size means that they probably will not match smaller successes, the controllers are not the most intuitive to understand, and there’s a high-frequency summit that provides strings a metallic border. We enjoyed the ANC is helpful for lower frequencies and can be elastic, so there are five dimensions of silicone tricks contained. If your outer ear could adapt the stairs, then you will probably have the ability to have a fantastic seal. Besides that slight high-frequency summit, the audio quality is quite balanced, however it also lacks the sonic depth of area that we’d love to listen to for the first $250 asking price. Nothing really is majorly wrong with all the AZ70W, however with so much extreme competition, only being good is not good enough.

Urbanista London: Even the sound cancellation on this authentic wireless setup is simply successful on very low frequencies, along with the earbuds do not isolate nicely so that you get a fantastic little intrusion from high frequencies such as fighters and leaf blowers. The faucet controls are somewhat all fussy, and the audio quality is boring and muted, as if somebody put a blanket over a speaker.

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